07. März 2016

Ein Brief von Anisha aus Nepal an all unsere Unterstützer.

Letter to Sponsors and Supporters of CHP.

Namaste CHP sponsors,

“You’ve been that flame of light which have spread brightness in the village of Changunarayan. Your inspirations have given us the glimpse of hope and have strengthen us again to stand and rise high”

I, Anisha Bhatta Adhikari on the behalf of Changu community would like to express the most sincere thanks for your generous concern, donations and support. The hit of magnitude 7.8 richter scale of earthquake on April 25, 2015 destroyed much of this villaga. With the destruction of our houses, our hopes and reasons to live were broken into pieces. Now, with every big and small helping hands you all have extended to Changu community, the broken pieces of desires have again revived into a bright future. We’ve again started dreaming of beautiful village like it used to be.
Thomas Bodeker with Family and Gunnar Keisewalter with Family had always helped the deprived children of Changunarayan go to school by finding you all to sponsor these poor children. That was the great start and now as CHP we’ve come up to such a great height. And it would have simply not possible with all of your support. With the help of CHP, the village was supported with food, clothes and basic materials for living during the first months after earthquake. Numerous children got support for their schooling with dresses and stationeries. And now the community has a library and sports centre for children and that you cannot even imagine how happy they are to have one at their community. With your support the homeless received temporary shelters to live in. And now, we’ve come up with making earthquake resistant house with the support of CHP.
What a great success we’ve been!!
Thank you so much my dear friends and families for your countless support!!

Dherai dherai dhanyabaad!!!

Anisha Bhatta Adhikari
CHP representative, Nepal